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Background Check: what it is and why it can serve companies

What is a Background Check?

Nowadays, the dimension of trust is fundamental, especially as the social context in which we operate has radically changed.

If a few decades ago communities were more circumscribed and trust mechanisms were based on direct knowledge or at least supported by a close network of acquaintances, today it is essential to be able to rely on more sophisticated tools to verify the validity of a potential employee to hire, or generally confirm the truthfulness of personal information provided by an individual even in private contexts.

That's why the background check, which in Anglo-Saxon countries is often used by homeowners about to rent out a property and want to check that the tenant actually meets the necessary requirements, not only in economic terms but also from a legal standpoint, has gradually become widespread also in Italy.

The term background check refers to all those verifications aimed at validating the truthfulness of certain information provided by an individual in certain contexts, as happens, for example, in the case of a candidate who wants to get a job.

From a legal standpoint, background checks allow protecting companies, avoiding investments in unreliable human resources. It is an indispensable activity nowadays, especially for high-level positions, which different entities can carry out.


What can be discovered through a Background Check?

During a Background Check, various types of information can be verified, in order to understand their adherence to the reality of things.

For example, for high-responsibility positions, not only the educational paths taken and certifications obtained can be checked, but also the actual academic history in a comprehensive manner.

The same applies to data related to previous work positions: in addition to verifying the truthfulness of employment dates and duties performed through cross-checks, in the latest generation background check, software is used to check a professional's reputation at the companies where they have already worked.

Moreover, it is possible to verify data that allows understanding whether a candidate is generally reliable, analyzing the criminal record and any illicit activities committed in an administrative context. When it comes to entrusting someone to take on a role of responsibility, the background check is very important and must be carried out thoroughly and meticulously.

And, very importantly, it should not be a DIY task.


Why is the Background Check useful for a company

While for private citizens facing delicate situations the background check can prove useful, in the case of companies this operation is often essential.

With the detailed checks related to the academic, professional, and personal journey of a candidate or an already hired employee, it is possible to have a complete overview of the situation, protecting oneself legally.

Both in hiring and in firing someone there are risks, albeit of a different nature. Before making either decision, it can be crucial to have a verification regarding the reliability of a resource.

Think, for example, of critical positions, such as those in research and development departments, where an industrial secret could be leaked.

A company can also receive useful information about an individual's litigiousness, assessing the propensity to file lawsuits.


Who conducts Background Checks?

In our country, these activities can be entrusted to investigative agencies, which commit to carrying out all the necessary operations with the utmost discretion.

With accuracy and competence, the best investigative agencies can take care of requesting and obtaining the documentation needed to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by a given candidate.

This is anything but a minor aspect, especially concerning high-level positions, whose role involves significant economic responsibilities as well. The higher the degree of trust that must be accorded to a given employee, the higher consequently is the risk that something might go wrong, causing often serious consequences for a company.

For this reason, industrial and commercial entities that wish to protect their business, avoiding heavy legal actions, as well as promoting a positive work environment, can choose to rely on investigative agencies, which are equipped with the necessary authorizations to be able to conduct thorough searches in a manner compliant with the law. Depending on the specific role to be assigned to the resource, the investigative agency customizes the investigation operations, thus providing a complete picture with all the relevant information.

If you wish to receive qualified consulting regarding the activities that can be carried out by our investigative agencies, do not hesitate to contact us.


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