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8 tips for choosing a private investigator

How to choose a private investigator

How to choose a private investigator when you have never dealt with an expert in the field? Trusting a stranger is not easy, so you will need to pay attention to certain details that can make a difference.

Here are 8 tips to find the right professional for your needs.

Verify their reputation

The search for a detective aims not only to learn about the services offered but also to assess their good name, experience, and any material available online. We recommend searching for the chosen person's official website and reading its content, as well as watching interviews and playlists on sharing platforms.

More and more professionals decide to publish articles, videos, and informative audio files to provide important information on current topics. Serious agencies not only provide data and numbers but also provide references to sources, allowing you to verify their authenticity.

Timeliness, yes; impulsiveness, no

You suspect your partner is cheating, you have to deal with an employee's absenteeism at work, a file has gone missing, or worse, there's been a theft. Do you think the best solution is to immediately call the first investigative agency you find in the phone book?

In reality, acting impulsively is never a wise move because you have no way of adequately verifying the professional qualifications of the person you contact. In these cases, it is much better to regain control of your emotional state and make an objective assessment of the situation before making any decisions.


In-person meeting at the office

Always schedule a face-to-face meeting at the official location of the detective. By law, they are required to work at an accredited office and display the Public Security License obtained from the Prefecture.

In the office, you can also verify their educational qualifications, specializations, VAT number, and certificates related to seminar attendance and professional development courses. Don't forget the confidentiality requirements that can only be met in an enclosed space: away from prying eyes and ears, you can discuss your problem with peace of mind.



An expert in private investigations knows how to handle data and will never compromise your privacy or that of your family members or other individuals close to you. They will operate discreetly, without arousing suspicion in the subject under surveillance or any observers or passersby.


Awareness of potential obstacles

A serious professional will be clear from the beginning about the potential challenges of any collaboration. The path to uncovering the truth may not be feasible for ethical reasons or may present difficulties along the way. A meticulous investigator attentive to the needs of the client will inform you right away about any unforeseen circumstances without beating around the bush.


Beware of those claiming to be the best

We advise against entrusting any assignment to someone who claims to be the undisputed leader in the market and has no rivals. There is no requirement to be registered with a professional association as a private investigator, nor is there an organization capable of ranking the best or worst professionals currently active in the field.

Given the increasing number of specializations in the industry and the growing demands of clients, presenting oneself as the best in the field makes even less sense. It's better to contact an expert who offers practical solutions and realistic objectives, even if they do so in a less sensationalistic manner.

Contract between investigator and client

The collaboration between the agency and the client is subject to the signing of a written agreement, technically referred to as a professional mandate. It should never lack the following elements:

  • requested actions (type and number);
  • rights to be exercised in court;
  • motivating factors for the assignment.

If any of these points are not defined or you have not signed any contract, we suggest turning to another agency. Before signing, ensure you are aware of the amount and payment terms.


Reports and evidence collected by the detective

Upon completion of the assignment, the private investigator is required to prepare a detailed report to be delivered to the client along with any evidence collected (such as photographs, videos, audio recordings made in person, publicly accessible certificates, etc.).

To conclude, we want to remind you that a professional detective will always operate ethically, never breaking the rules or jeopardizing your criminal record. Those who act in violation of the law compromise not only their credibility but also yours.

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