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How to make sure that a babysitter is reliable

How to make sure that a babysitter is reliable

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Finding a reliable babysitter for your children can be a challenge, especially if they are very young. But it's not impossible; all it takes is a careful selection and seeking detailed information about the candidates who come for an interview. To make an informed choice as quickly as possible, you can rely on a professional. In the following paragraphs, we provide some useful tips for a successful search.


Reliable Babysitter: Responsibilities


We are talking about a job mostly done at home, allowing the little ones to stay in a family environment. The person you bring into your home should inspire you and earn your trust, in addition to adhering to the agreed-upon terms. One of the most important rules is to decide on the tasks to delegate (there is nothing preventing you from hiring a man instead of a woman). In line with what is defined by the National Collective Domestic Work Contract, these tasks include:

  • Monitoring and managing daily, recreational, and school activities.
  • Preparing meals (when required).
  • Promoting independence in washing, dressing, and eating.
  • Taking care of the hygiene and nutrition of infants or those who cannot do it on their own yet.
  • Encouraging the enforcement of the rules established by the parents.
  • Administering medications if necessary.
  • Accompanying the children to school, gym, the pediatrician, or other places.
  • Assisting with routine tasks (such as homework, for example).

The best way to instill discipline in children is undoubtedly by setting a good example. Keep this in mind when observing who is working for you during the limited moments you are in contact.

Babysitter Assistant: What Not to Do?


The ideal candidate for this profession is a person who is precise, punctual, cleanliness-oriented, rule-abiding, friendly, and able to communicate with both young and old. They should arrive at work in suitable attire and avoid behaviors that are not appropriate for their role. Here's what a babysitter assistant should never do:

  • Arrive late.
  • Fail to inform in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Act as if your home is their own.
  • Steal.
  • Mistreat children.
  • Consume alcohol.
  • Smoke or use narcotics.
  • Engage in prolonged phone conversations or chats.
  • Establish new rules or fail to enforce the ones defined by you.
  • Bring friends, relatives, and acquaintances to your home.
  • Leave traces of children on social networks.

• Create disorder in your apartment.

• Speak in a rude manner, using profanity or blasphemy.

In such instances, ask your children what they think of the nanny; children rarely lie. They mainly convey what adults say and do and, if necessary, some impressions about them.


Hiring a Babysitter: How to Uncover Who They Really Are


What we've suggested so far won't get you far unless you seek the help of a private investigator. You'll have very little time to interact with the babysitter assistant, so you need someone capable of observing their behaviors when you're not there, without the filter of judgment.


To have an objective picture of the person who will take care of your children while you're at work, we have two possibilities, potentially considering both. Here are the types of checks carried out by the most reputable investigative agencies:

  • Pre-employment checks.
  • Post-employment verifications.

Both will allow you to learn more not only about the references of the employee but also to assess their real aptitude for dealing with children and adolescents.

Pre-employment Babysitter Investigations


These checks are essential to avoid haphazard evaluations based solely on first impressions, whether negative or positive. Here is a list of documents and tools useful for conducting effective and rapid pre-employment checks:

  • Identification documents.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Cover letter.
  • Testimonials from former employers.

In some cases, it may be decisive to view the certificate of pending charges, which the prospective babysitter can request from the Criminal Records Office.

Babysitter Assistant, Post-Employment Checks


In this context, the task of the private investigator is particularly delicate since they must be careful not to violate the privacy of the chosen person. For example, it's not possible to install cameras in your home to spy on them.


However, if you have a surveillance system in place to guard against theft attempts, there is nothing preventing you from reviewing the recordings to verify if the babysitter is reliable in your absence.


For operations that comply with legal requirements, delegate this task to your trusted professional, along with the search for evidence that reinforces (or refutes) your suspicions. In case of confirmation, the collected material will have evidentiary value in court.


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