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Investigative technologies: what they are, features and benefits

Investigative technologies: what they are, features and benefits

In a few years, investigative technologies have progressed relentlessly and are finding applications in every sector.

Their use allows for investigations to be conducted quickly compared to techniques and methods used in the past, although there is the issue of reconciling them with privacy and legal requirements.

In the following lines, you will find an in-depth look at the most commonly used hi-tech innovations in the field, along with an analysis of their features and benefits.

Hi-tech Innovations for Investigation

Although there are no tools capable of replacing the contribution of a human being, these types of technologies facilitate our work as investigators and significantly reduce the time needed to complete a task.

In addition to computers, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets (now commonly used in daily life), here are other cutting-edge tools and devices:

  • battery-operated GPS trackers (with autonomy of no less than 15 days)
  • ultra-compact voice recorders
  • VPN networks
  • secure telecommunication (TLC) systems
  • video surveillance systems
  • small-sized cameras
  • advanced antivirus software
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • micro-spies for environmental interceptions.

The devices can be connected remotely (in line with the Internet of Things system) or not, depending on the needs.

We remind you that audio recordings must be made in person and photo-video recordings in public places, according to current regulations.

Environmental interceptions, on the other hand, are only allowed in cases of violations of the Penal Code with prior written authorization (warrant) from a judge.

Is the use of the cryptophone admissible in investigative investigations?

Yes, but with due reservations.

This device (i.e., a smartphone that would guarantee absolute protection from remote access attempts) maintains its invulnerability only when contacts are made with other similar devices.

Conversations, messages, and content exchanged with a regular smartphone are susceptible to interception because advanced encryption protocols are not in play.

Another point to consider is that, until recently, this tool was almost exclusively used by members of criminal organizations (primarily drug trafficking).

At least for now, the cryptophone is not looked upon favorably by the authorities, but a change of direction in this regard is not excluded.

Technologies for Investigation: What Are They Used For?

Devices and tools useful for investigations are widely used not only in public access places (and, with the observed subject's authorization, in internal areas) but also in virtual spaces, such as social media, open-source digital archives, email servers, and much more.

Here are the activities they are most frequently used for:

  • consultation
  • recording
  • sending and receiving data
  • archiving materials
  • seizure of cryptocurrencies (under the exclusive jurisdiction of the authorities)
  • identification of locations with a good margin of accuracy
  • viewing photo and video files
  • listening to audio.

In addition to the above, we include tools for the protection of software, apps, devices, VoIP, and various types of content, essential for operating in confidentiality and ensuring adequate data protection.

Features and Benefits of Technologies for Investigations

Distinctive features of the latest generation devices are compactness, speed, lightness, extensive autonomy, and concealability.

As for software and intangible components, attention is drawn to efficiency, effectiveness, security, absence of interference with the functioning of devices, and no slowdowns in operating systems.

The benefits are numerous: such equipment is suitable for remaining hidden in small spaces or camouflaging with everyday objects, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Moreover, they guarantee immediate data detection and clear capture of images, audio, and video, minimizing the number of unsuccessful attempts.

The technologies associated with tools allow for instantaneous and precise actions in full compliance with privacy, according to the highest standards of IT security.

Barring gross errors, anonymity and prevention of attacks by viruses, malware, and spyware are guaranteed.

Hi-tech Tools for Investigative Investigations: Who to Contact!

The use of advanced tools and devices in the field of investigations can only be entrusted to an expert in the field. They must be knowledgeable not only about their structure and functioning but also about the regulations governing their ethical use.

For this purpose, the ideal figure has at least a degree in legal disciplines, works for a state-recognized agency specialized in the field, has the necessary certifications to operate, and possesses excellent moral qualities.

Only under these conditions can they proceed without committing violations and without compromising the validity of the evidence once the task is completed.

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